and Labor Law

Employers are subject to a myriad of laws and regulations governing the workplace. Understanding how these laws interrelate and how to successfully navigate their complexities to ensure a business is in compliance and protected from liability requires specialized experience. At DAR Law, we provide clients with a highly-focused approach to solving their employment and labor law issues. We take pride that we are leaders in this field. Our clients do, too.

Our goal is to ask the right questions and identify potential issues and risks to protect what is important to our clients. It’s our job to dig deep into the details so our clients don’t have to. We apply our precautionary and proactive approach to solving your employment and labor issues in the following areas:


• Hostile Work Environment
• Sexual Harassment
• Discrimination
• Retaliation
• Disability Accommodation
• Family and Medical Leave
• Military Leave and Reinstatement
• Title IX
• Whistleblower Protection
• Wage and Hour Compliance
• Employment Handbooks
• Specialized Personnel Policies
• Management-Side Labor Negotiations
• Management-Side Labor Grievances
• Management-Side Labor Arbitration
• Wrongful Discharge
• Workplace Defamation
• Workplace Investigations
• Harassment and EEO Training
• Hiring
• Equal Employment Opportunity
• Affirmative Action Plans
• Performance Management
• Discipline
• Termination and Resignation
• Constructive Discharge
• Reductions In Force and Layoffs
• Severance and Release Agreements
• Employment Agreements
• Executive Compensation
• Protection of Confidential Information
• Non-Competition Covenants
• Electronic Discovery
• Unemployment Compensation
• Volunteers and Interns
• Independent Contractors
• Personnel Files
• Workplace Searches
• HIPAA Issues
• Drug Testing
• DOT Policies
• Occupational Safety and Health
• Workplace Violence Prevention
• Accidents and Injuries
• Freedom of Information Act
• Employment Eligibility Verification
• Social Media


We handle our clients’ matters personally. Understanding that employment issues often times arise unexpectedly, we make ourselves accessible and invite our clients to reach out whenever they need us.

“As an owner of a small business, I find there are times when I need some guidance and direction with legal aspects of our company. It is such a relief to know that I can turn to DAR Law about my concerns and receive proper answers to my questions, and have a peace of mind knowing that I am receiving sound legal advice. Thank you so much!”