Liquor Licensing
and Regulation

Navigating the numerous regulations, laws, and administrative rules of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requires specialized counsel – someone who not only understands the applicable laws and related issues, but also has experience guiding clients through the not-so-obvious perils of the process. With her specialized counsel and extensive experience, Cortney Danbrook provides her business and agri-business clients with a clear, easy to understand path through the liquor licensing process, eliminating unnecessary delays. The result: solid solutions.

Local, state, and federal laws apply when selling, acquiring, or transferring a liquor license. Understanding how these laws pertain to your business is critical to securing and maintaining liquor licensure in Michigan. Time spent involved in the licensure process can be a time of heightened stress for business owners and a diversion away from the time spent on operating a business. Our specialized experience and trusted counsel successfully guides our clients through the process so they can get back to what they do best – building a successful business. Cortney Danbrook counsels clients in all areas of liquor licensing and regulation, including:


• Winery and Vineyard Law
• On Premise Retail Licenses
• On Premise Resort Licenses
• Class C, Club, Golf Course, Hotel and Tavern
• Off Premise Retail Licenses
• Off Premise Resort Licenses
• SDD and SDM
• Temporary/One-day License
• Non-Profit Special License
• Salesperson, Vendor Representative
• Third Party Facilitator
• Manufacturer and Wholesale Licenses
• Brewer, Micro Brewer, Brewpub
• Winemaker, Small Winemaker, Direct Wine Shipper
• Winery Tasting Room
• Farmer’s Market Permit
• Manufacturer of Spirits, Small Distiller
• Wholesaler, Warehouser, Industrial Manufacturer
• Conditional Licenses

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“Thank you, Cortney.  I appreciate your responsiveness, as well as the sensitivity to budget parameters. Well done!”