Estate Planning
and Administration

Every family is unique, each with its own history, values, and legacy. Ensuring that each family’s interests are protected and preserved requires a personal approach – a “one size fits all” estate plan just doesn’t cut it. DAR’s genuine, thoughtful, and honest approach to estate planning fosters relationships, not transactions. Cortney Danbrook is a trusted advisor who listens to her clients’ concerns, respects their decisions, and collaborates with them to ensure that appropriate plans are in place to carry out their wishes. During this time of heightened stress and worry, Cortney’s clients can depend on her to put them at ease.

Cortney is passionate about her clients and ensuring proper planning is in place to successfully transfer wealth and personal values to the next generation. Through her specialized experience, Cortney efficiently addresses the unique needs and goals of her clients, eliminating uncertainty and providing peace of mind. With her unique legal and institutional knowledge, Cortney knows how to ask the right questions and implement effective strategies so her clients can protect what is most important to them. The result: individualized solutions with caring and personal attention. Cortney provides estate planning and estate administration counsel in the following areas:


• Wealth Succession Planning
• Family Cottage Planning and Preservation
• Wills
• Revocable Trusts
• Irrevocable Trusts
• Special Needs Trusts
• Durable Powers of Attorney
• Healthcare Powers of Attorney
• Trust Administration
• Probate Administration
• Trust Titling and Funding
• Probate and Trust Litigation
• Trustee Representation and Guidance
– individuals, banks and trust companies
• Personal Representative Representation and Guidance
– individuals, banks and trust companies
• Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
• Termination/Modification of Trusts
• Beneficiary Representation
• Legacy Asset Transfer
• Related Business Formation, Succession and Transfer
• Related Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition

“Thank you so much for all your time, effort, warm concern, understanding and patience on my behalf…it’s deeply appreciated!”